CedarCide’s 100% Non Toxic Wood Treatment Products Are Your Best Treated Wood Alternative For Your Deck, Garden, Dock and Exterior Wood Treatments. An Environmentally Safe Wood Treatment For Cedar, Redwood, Pine, Fir, Bamboo Etc.

Our cedar oil based, organic wood treatment products are safe and non toxic to people, pets and the planet. Our natural pesticides offer homeowners treated wood alternatives that are 100% non toxic. All of our non toxic wood treatment products for deck and garden applications feature perpetual protection from termites, carpenter ants, wood rot and fungal attack.

HISCedar.com offers homeowners non toxic, wood treatment products, perfect for deck waterproofing. Whether you wish to treat a wood deck, wood fence, wood dock or wood posts with a non toxic natural wood pest treatment or you are seeking a deck seal, deck stain, exterior wood stain or fence stain, our products are the first step to long lasting wood preservation. If your project includes deck refinishing, deck maintenance or sealing pressure treated wood, we can help. Customers often ask us how to stain a wood deck or how to stain a wood fence or which is the best deck seal or best deck stain. If you want your work and investment to last a lifetime the best stain finish starts with Cedarshield, Deck, Dock and Fence, an environmentally friendly wood sealer that stabilizes and waterproofs the wood from the inside out

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